Ponyo (Gake no ue no Ponyo) Movie Review

Take a splash at a film, that the whole family will enjoy. Getting a break from all the 3D animation.



        Ponyo, the 2008 Japanese animated film by Studio Ghibli, which was written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. This is his tenth film for him. And his style and imagination is still going strong. Disney picks this movie up with great voice acting. This movie is about a magical goldfish named Ponyo (voiced by Noah Cyrus) that travels to the surface of the ocean and meets a 5-year-old boy name Sōsuke (voiced by Frankie Jonas). Once meeting him, Ponyo decides that she wants to become a human rather than her initial form as a goldfish. Although, I do know that a lot of people would that Ponyo does not look like a goldfish what so ever. Just have to be open minded upon watching it.

        Now, the plot begins as a underwater wizard named Fujimoto (voiced by Liam Neeson) is creating ocean life with his elixir in a huge barrier bubble covers the front part his whale-like boat. As he continues on, in the rear a weird creature with a human-like face is seen coming out of a window in the side of the boat. This, of course, is the first scene with Ponyo making her cautious introduction to you. She escapes with without getting noticed by the wizard on a jellyfish and process to the surface. This is merely the first scene even before the intro credits start rolling on screen. And you can easily find yourself lost in the old style but massive artwork that is put into the movie itself. With many oceanic creatures appearing right in front of your eyes.





Read or Die (R.O.D) OVA review

Don't mess with her glasses.


    Read or Die OVA is the continuation of the storyline and characters, about few years after the events of the manga. The story follows Yomiko Readman,  codename "Agent Paper" working for the British Library's Special Operations Division, as she and the others figure out who and what is causing major problems around the world. In this story "rare books" are being taken from their rightful place. She is a bit of a book fanatic to the extend of having her whole one apartment filled with books having little room to move around. So the whole operation pecks her interest. Yomiko isn't any normal agent by any means. She and another agent have supernatural abilities to aid them whenever they see fit. As they go on, they have many battles over the books. At a point the plot twists and turns out to be bigger than any of the character imagined, with global endangerment beginning to unfold. Not new to this anime genre but was a good climax for it. This anime pulled me in through its accuracy with its great persons of history references and historic artwork that is thrown in here and there. With a taste of fiction given to the historic characters to make things just a bit more interesting.


    It begins with a horrible event that happens in Washington D.C. As a mysterious person with electronic powers trashing the white house in search for a certain book. Destroying everything in his path till he gets it. Secret service trying to protect the president tries to stop him but are completely unsuccessful. The US president is portrayed as a weakling man that pee's his pants whenever he is frightened throughout the whole anime. I thought it was funny at first, but I think that is what the writers think of America in someway.



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