Halo 3: ODST Is it Worth the the $60?


     Yes, But let me set up the frame work of the Halo universe before tackeling the game itself as a spin off or as a true sequeal to one of Halo's favorite but mysterious elite UNSC squad members known as ODST(Orbital Drop Shock Trooper).

     Halo: Combat Evolved first started the series on the original Xbox back in 2001, Master Chief, the main protagonist, was an e cybernetic and drugged enduced super soldier destined to change a lossing battle between humanity and an alien sentiant army know as the Covenant. Both the Covenant and UNSC warp jump to a mysterious articial world in a shape of a halo, also known as the Ring World. This Halo held signinficant religous meaning to the Covenant as a vessel to prosperity. However, Master Chief and his trusty computer AI, Cortana, discovered that Halo was made to imprison an alien race that reanimated living tissue and will attack anything that is living tissue. Master Chief, Cortana, and the remaining UNSC soldiers destroy Halo in order to stop it from destroying the galaxy.

     Halo 2 continued the fight back on earth where new covenant races where introduced and the leaders behind the Covenant are revealed. The Covenant came to earth looking for something, Master Chief help defend earth and try to halt all the Covenants advancements. When a space rupture in the city caused them to find a second halo ring. And again Master chief set off to stop it from firing. A new character was added in Halo 2 as a Covenant, known as the Arbiter. Halo 2 added humanity and perscpective to the Elites, the main alien race who were in charge of assualts and space fights. Through the Arbiter we discover a change in the Covenant in the form as civil war between what the war is about. A new race known as the Brutes were also introduced as new muscle behind the Covenant forces. Halo 2 ends with a cliffhanger as Master Chief travels to The Ark, a control that can fire all the halo rings. Halo 2 brought in the setting for Halo 3. New allies, New enemies, Reasoning of the Enemy, Humanity and significant changes to the story,

     Halo 3 is the Master Piece to Master Chief's legacy. Halo 3 ended the fight between the Covenant. Relased on the Next Gen Xbox360 , Halo 3 reception outsold previous Halo games and set a new world record of fastest selling game by units within 24 hours of release.

     Halo 3 picks up right after Halo 2. Then Halo 3 ODST came out. Fun game, totally worth the money both main campaign wise and multiplayer options.



Halo 3: ODST


EMK Approval 

 Story and Character(s)

A more human and realistic look into the war with the covenant, differant and interesting characters. Mytery story lines with awesome flashbacks.



 Polished graphics compared to Halo 3. New terrains and ODSTs are beautiful and cool at the same time. But Similar to Halo 3.



 Wonderful musical orchestra score throughout the entire game.



Gameplay is awesome because it puts a new twist when fighting Covenant. Also Firefight is extremely enjoyable and a great addition to the series.


Final Conclusion

  Totally worth the Money!