My Japan dinner, YUM!

    This is a video of when I went to Japan with my friend. The restaurant is called Sushisho Masa in Minato Prefecture. It was the best sushi I have ever had. It ruined me, hahaha

    Eat Your Kimchi is where I got the recommendation from. They love eating good food. I love eating great food too. Special Thanks guys.

    Important warning for all who want to try this place. I have to make a reservation about a month in advance. I went in 2014. Give them a call before anything and get someone who speaks Japanese for you to make the reservation. Your Hotel front desk can help with that too.

    I know it was a bit loud in the video. Let's just say that the patrons to the right were a bit tipsy/drunk. I didn't mind, since they really were enjoying themselves.

    All in all, it cost $220.00 US for the meal per person. I still say "it is well worth it."