Devil May Cry: the Animated Series

 Devil May Cry: the Animated Series, is it better or up to par with the video games or do we have another Devil May Cry 2?


     Devil May Cry: The Animated Series, is based on a great video game series that still is going strong. This anime is actually within the timeline of the video games, being between Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 4. Now, it is not necessary to have played the video games to understand the anime. But it does help since the anime seems to just let the characters do the things they do without a big explanations about their history together. So I am not saying to get out and dust off your PlayStation 2, and go out purchase Dante May Cry & 3 to enjoy this anime a bit more but it would help, greatly. But I think most of the people that are excited to watch this anime are possibly, one in the same of the people that played the games. Even I am one of them, otherwise I probably wouldn't have quite the interest for it as I did when I watch the anime.



     The plot of the series is that Dante owes an unknown amount of money to many people, and so he ever so often gets "jobs" to kill demons because of his demon-hunting skills. Although it just seems to take him deeper and deeper into a never ending debt after he finishes the job. It starts with Dante in the middle of a job in a bar somewhere unknown. Looking like any other bar in the world with gloomy people in it, you would think that is it nothing special. Nonetheless, the opening scene is one of the best I have seen in a while, but I am not sure if that was the fan boy in me going crazy. It had the opening music playing as Dante kicked butt. The music well fits the series with rock. This is also where you learn his new favorite treat, a strawberry sundae. Though, it maybe a small aspect to call attention to, it is going to appear and be referenced to many times as the anime goes along. But it is really out of the blue because none of the games have references for the sundae in any way.



     By the end of the opening you will realize that the voice acting in this one is pretty well-done. Even the English voice of Dante sounds just like the games. Anyways, Dante gets back to his workplace to relax and enjoy the rest of the day. Here you will meet the two new side characters. One is Morrison, he seems to be part of an agency that give the special jobs to those that are able to handle them, and visits Dante quite often to give him the jobs. While the first job seen in the anime is given, you will meet a curious little girl named, Patty Rowell. Morrison said that Patty is an orphan girl is actually part of something better and she needs to be escorted to a huge estate where she can claim her inheritance of the Rowell family. But, of course, if that job is given to Dante, things are not always what they appear to be. So craziness happens as they get closer to there destination. They stop for a night in a hotel with a weird receptionist waiting for them. This receptionist turns out to be a huge part of the story as he would appear many times throughout. Nevertheless, he tricks Patty into seeing her mother for the first time and almost gets her killed. As that happens, Dante comes and saves her as if anything can get passed him. Killing all the demons in a stylish way at you can respect him for. So, once arriving he realizes that he was tricked and that there is another Patty that really was the inheritor so he teaches a life lesson to her and gets on his way. Once he returns, he realizes that Patty has no intention of leaving Dante's personal space, which concludes the first episode.


     The first episode is really good but afterwards they seem to recycle the formula over and over throughout till the last two episodes. With Dante getting a job and finishing it with almost no problem at all and bad endings. The last two episodes are in a way a two part episode. Challenges are what always make things exciting for me, but of course that is the style of the characters. This anime might have been better as a video game, in my opinion. I enjoyed episode 9 "Death Poker" because of its mystery aspect to it, but it was one that if you didn't know what happened earlier within the day of the episode. You would never find out and it doesn't explain it till later on in the episode. If you are a fan of Devil May Cry, you probably can Netflix it just to watch once, because there is nothing very memorable about the series. And blu-ray doesn't change anything but the amount in the disc. Overall, just another decent anime.



Devil May Cry: The Animated Series Review (Blu-ray edition) Description 

EMK Approval 

 Story and Character(s)   The story is was not as strong as it should have been, being about a weak monster getting to be stronger all of a sudden in the ending with no build to it whatsoever. Characters are build upon but more use what they already have.  61%
Art Style  Very dark and moody, the art suits the series well  95%
 Music  Rock suiting Dante's taste in music expect the credits' song.  89%

 Voice Acting

 Awesome voice acting for most of the character in English and Japanese, but Patty is voiced by Hilary Haag, and well it seems she can't do any other voice for little girl.

 Uniqueness  There not much uniqueness in this anime, as the formula is repeated many times over in different scenarios.  34%
 Final Conclusion   This is an anime that you would rent only and watch once. Although there is many good things about it. The story takes a severe hit and drags it downward. And being in blu-ray didn't change the quality, only the quantity per disc.  74%


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