RWBY Season One Review

This is what Monty Oum has been doing instead of Dead Fantasy

The new CG animation from Rooster teeth with Monty Oum in control.



RWBY Season One Review Description 

EMK Approval 

 Story and Character(s)   Interesting world but not completely sure how Dust is completely used other than its value. Four main characters that have distinct personalities.  78%
Art Style  Lively and Manga-style CG made with POSER PRO 2014 software  80%
 Music  Soundtrack created for this series is good with nothing that distracts you while watching the episodes.  88%

 Voice Acting

 Great voice acting for most of the character in English, I have no problem with all the main characters. Some minor ones on the other hand sound a bit forced.

 Uniqueness  There are not many American made animes, and fight scenes that keep you in the action. 74%
 Final Conclusion   This CGI anime has great American humor(no lost in translation), with awesome fight scenes. With a decent ending that demands a continuation of the series.  86%


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